Monday, May 2, 2016

Ice Lake - Cold Heat By Delores Fossen

Cold Heat by Delores Fossen

First Chapter First Paragraph

Special Agent Leah Gray stared out at the ice-scabbed landscape and thought about the woman she'd gotten killed. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, hoping to block out the images.

Pg 34 (pg 137 of Ice Lake)

Normally, Leah wouldn't have taken the alibi at face value, but everything in the room indicated that the two had been at sexcapades for hours and hours. Maybe even days.

Pg 56 (pg 159 of Ice Lake)

'When I went running into that house and found you nearly dead, I wasn't thinking like an FBI agent. I reacted like your...friend. Your former lover.'


He could put up a front. The cool facade of a badass federal agent. Unfortunately, a cool facade wasn't worth spit when it came to convincing her that they had to get out of here.

She shook her head. 'I Should have known.'
'Right. Because of the ESP that the Bureau issued you when you became and FBI agent.'

Yeah, that was Leah, all right. A woman of contradictions, who had a rebellious side.
'Hell's bells, Leah, I can still see his handprint on you.'

She'd be terrified, and probably was having the mother lode of hellish flashbacks.


I enjoyed Cold Heat better than Gone Cold. There was more romance than the first story. Also, the prose had a sense of humor to it that Gone Cold did not.  The characters were better developed. I was pulled in to all aspects of this story.

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