Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ice Lake - Gone Cold by B.J Daniels

Gone Cold by B.J Daniels

First Chapter First Paragraph

'Is everything all right, honey?'
Morgan Sinclair stirred from her dark thoughts as Tom turned off the highway onto a snowy narrow road. She suddenly felt anxious as she looked at the glistening, cold white mountains ahead.

Pg 34

She surreptitiously studied the other guests, wondering who was staying in the cabin closest to them. Morgan didn't lie to herself; she was searching for 'A.'

Pg 56

Had he gotten the SUV stuck on purpose, so she couldn't leave him once he told her the truth?


Gone Cold was straight forward suspense from the first page. Morgan's new husband Tom gets a text message that has her concerned and she slowly realizes that she knows very little about the man she recently married. I enjoyed the suspense of the first story as it kept the pace and makes it easy to finish the almost 100 page suspense story.

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