Thursday, May 26, 2016

REVIEW - Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves by Andy Mulberry

Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves by Andy Mulberry


Title: Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves
Author: Andy Mulberry
Publisher: Blueglass Press
Genre: YA Fantasy with some romance
Stars: 5/5

Acquired: Free, in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley

Summary: Samantha Miles (Beaufort) has no idea that she's part witch when she receives a letter from a lawyer inviting her to the reading of her mother's last will. Vampires, werewolves, witches, and demons OhMy!

Review: This book is a page turner from the very beginning. The overwhelming sense of doom to the big questions that needed answers made it hard to put the book down.  Even on the last page I was still wanting more. This would be a great book to make a series out of. I definitely want to check out more books by this author.


First Paragraph:
"I can't sleep" Samantha said, pulling up a chair to take a seat next to her sister Ally.

She pushed away from the door, picked up her backpack, and reached inside to close her fingers around the smooth statue. Something else she hadn't just dreamed about. She gazed at it, feeling again the sensation as if it breathed under her fingers, and then placed it on her desk. What an odd artifact. She had to return the statue to Langley.

Cold. The ground was cold. But underneath, deeper and deeper, beneath layers of soil and rock and stone and bones and iron, a sea of fire - bubbling, molten, lava-red, stone melting fire.

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