Saturday, May 21, 2016

AOI Ink Nymphs Los Angeles by Tim Stephens, Ebony McIver, Nelson Blanton


Title: AOI Ink Nymphs Los Angeles
Author: Photography by Nelson Blanton
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Genre: Photography
Stars: 2/5

Acquired: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is another photography book that was supposed to show off the beauty of women with tattoos. As a woman who has two tattoos, I was hoping for a photobook of inspiration for more ink. However, this book was a total disappointment for that. There were a few decent pics; however, there were too many low-quality photos that distract from the potential of the book. 

I was hoping for much more emphasis on the tattoos. I felt much of the photography was very amateur. Even the photographer's selfie in the intro had a blinding flash reflection. There was a lot of glare from windows and conflicting light sources. If you want inspiration for new ink this would not be the first book to pick up!

Photos I actually enjoyed from the book:

Cover girl

These types of pictures that feature women with several great quality tats is what I was expecting from the book.  

There were also a few closeups of tattoos that I enjoyed as well

There were many that I felt could (and should have been edited out). I did enjoy the very few pictures that featured women tattoo artists creating tattoos on someone.  Unfortunately, this is not a book that I would pick up or even recommend to a woman looking for inspiration for ink. (If you're a guy only interested in a few nude shots and don't care about quality of photos then, by all means, ENJOY! ) 

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