Thursday, May 5, 2016

Freeing Lost Souls by Tracy Kincaid Excerpts

Freeing Lost Souls by Tracy Kincaid

First Chapter First Paragraph

This is my first time going to Gettysburg. I've always wanted to go there and see the place I've grown up hearing about. My dad is a huge Civil War buff. Since before I was born, he's always watched movies or read about it. I'm not sure why he never became a history teacher since he seems to know so much about it. It also turns out that we have Civil War in our blood, as well. Some distant cousin on my dad's side was in the war. That makes it even more special for me. 


You can't tell when he wears clothes just how well built he is, not body builder built, but hard-working country boy built.


The sun peaks out from behind the trees as we walk. I've never seen anything so beautiful. "I wish I had brought my art supplies with me."


He'll retrieve anything you want him to, occasionally. Mostly he gets what he wants and gives you what he wants you to have. 

I hear an occasional clap of thunder, like a sound of a cannon being shot far away. 

Good God, it has been way too long since I've been with a man. And Bruce is all man from what I've seen. 

"Yeah, Benny. It's no big deal, buddy. Let's show this lovely lady a good time tonight. Show her how we live up out here in the sticks." We all laugh at Bruce's attempt at talking like a country boy. 

"It's romantic, you know, in a morbid kind of way...."

It is important to keep track of history. If things hadn't happened the way they did, we wouldn't be here right now. History is important. Other people's mistakes and their accomplishments give us something to learn from.

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