Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tell Me You Want Me - Amelia James - Review



Title:  Tell Me You Want Me
Author: Amelia James
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Genre: Romance
Stars: 4/5
Acquired: I picked this book up at a library.

It took me awhile to get into this book. It was very bad boy, good girl cliche. However, there was at least one good lesson to be learned from this book. Your parents don't have to control the outcome of your life. Their mistakes don't have to be your mistakes.
Yes, there are sex scenes; however, to me, it felt more high school rather than last year of college. The characters seemed either immature or in Jane's case inexperienced. Jack was the most believable for senior college student. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a light, fun summer read with at least one or two good life lessons to be learned.

(This is a book I picked up at my local library for my own enjoyment!)

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