Monday, May 23, 2016

Ocean's Daughter by Lisa Barton Review

Ocean's Daughter by Lisa Barton Book Review


Title: Ocean's Daughter
Author: Lisa Barton
Genre: Underwater/Mermaid fantasy
Stars: 3/5 

Acquired: I acquired this free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Summary: Octina, Sharkan's daughter is half-Upper Worlder. An unfortunate plane crash introduces her to her father's underwater life. There really isn't a lot of plot to this book. The only "conflict" per se is Octina adjusting the very different lifestyle of the underwater Atlanteans. Like us Upper Worlders, everyone underwater descends from an ancient civilation and therefore, for the most part are related. Additionally, there are diverse sects and cultures spread throughout the ocean. However, Atlanteans are Neptune's favorite. Octina becomes very trusting of Neptune and relies on him to help her solve her problems despite the fact he's secretly manipulating her life underwater. 

Review: I did enjoy this book despite the low reviews. I enjoyed the underwater environment and mythology elements. Atlantis is a beloved oasis with a sense of utopia for us "Upper Worlders." It was interesting to see Octina adjust and adapt to her new underwater lifestyle. There were definitely elements that seemed odd. The ending leaves options for a sequel; however, it can also give off the sense that maybe everything had just been Neptune's overactive imagination.

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