Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Adopt a Shelter Dog!

From the title of the post you're probably wondering what does shelter dogs have to do with books? Well, Guinnevere Shuster decided they needed a book all of their own!

Title: Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth
Author: Guinnevere Shuster
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing 
Genre: Photography/Animals
Stars: 5/5 - Who doesn't love cute pics of dogs
Acquired: I received this free in exchange for an honest review thanks to NetGalley.

Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth features dogs that found themselves at a humane society in Utah. Guinnevere gets the dogs out of the cages and uses treats to capture cute, adorable, and even funny pics of the dogs she met. When you need a dog to brighten your day open up this book! 
I'm glad a portion of the book sales will return to the shelter. However, I think some information about adopting a shelter dog should be included. Maybe some tips like what to expect and how to handle bringing a new dog home! 

My Shelter Baby - Renee aka "Nae Nae"


I got Renee, a full grown pit bull, from a shelter in Ohio about an hour and a half or so away from where I live. She was shy and timid when we got her. Thankfully, the shelter said she had just got there that morning so she didn't have to spend the night alone. The biggest tip I can give someone who is thinking about adopting a shelter dog is Be Patient!!! It can take time for a dog to adjust to new people, new lifestyles, new routines, and a new environment. It may also take awhile for your new dog to regain his/her appetite in the new home. I had to hand feed her and mix treats and can food in her food before she felt safe enough to eat on her own. If you have other dogs, the best option would be to allow a meet and greet at the pound before bringing the new pet home. However, if that is not possible I suggest allowing the dogs to meet outside before bringing the new dog in the house. Also, be sure to supervise how all of your pets interact together before leaving them alone together.


  1. I worked at a no-kill shelter for about a year after adopting my second dog (from the same shelter), so I love that you posted about your adoption experience! You do have to wait a while for any animal to adjust, even if it's just been rehomed, so be patient is great advice. That book looks adorable (and your pup is too)!
    ~Litha Nelle

  2. Thank you. With your experience you'd probably enjoy this book. She gives a tidbit about each dog including adoption date. She also shared pics at the end of dogs with their new families. I'm so glad I was able to adopt my dog Renee. Being an adult pit I've definitely heard the criticism but she is so helpful and kind and loving!