Saturday, April 16, 2016

Join Me and Escape the Stress of Daily Life!

If you was locked in a room with no one to talk to, no internet, no phone, no connection to the outside world, what is the one thing that could drag you so far away the room would collapse and you could be free as a bird? A Book! A book can take you anywhere. When the pressures of life get too hard to handle open a good book and fly away. In Bridge to Terabithia, a book I read in school a long time ago, the characters created a magical land in they're back yard.  Books open up new "magical lands" that we could have never dreamed of ourselves.

On this blog, I will be reviewing books I read. A good book with a high review will be one that takes me so far away I almost forget my "real life." The characters and places come alive as if I actually witnessed the events and met the characters myself.  A book with a low review will be a book that I flipped pages just to get to the end. I never leave my room; I never get attached to the book. An average book comes to life but has no wow factor. I'm interested but it's not real to me.

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