Friday, April 22, 2016

About the Author - Jodi Taylor

About the Author

Jodi Taylor (who also writes as Isabela Barclay) is, and always has been, a History Nut. Her disinclination to get out of bed for anything after 1485 can only be overcome by massive amounts of chocolate, and sometimes, if it’s raining, not even then.

She wanted to write a book about time-travel that was a little different, and not having a clue how difficult this would make her book to classify, went ahead and slung in elements of history, adventure, comedy, romance, tragedy, and anything else she could think of. Her advice to booksellers is to buy huge numbers of her books and just put one on every shelf.  (This really does sum up Just One Damned Thing After Another)

The result is the story of the St. Mary’s Institute of Historical Research and the nutters who work there.

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